What is Healthy Homes and What does it Involve

The Healthy Homes Bill was passed into law by Phil Twyford. This Bill makes amendments to the Tenancy Act which aim to provide healthier rental homes.

There are 5 main category's which this legislation covers.


The main living room must have a fixed heating device that can heat the room to at least 18°C. The new regulations clarify the requirements for heating devices – some will not meet the requirements under the heating standard as they are inefficient, unaffordable or unhealthy. We will provide the heating calculation from the tenancy services calculator for your property.


The minimum level of ceiling and underfloor insulation must either meet the 2008 Building Code, or (for existing ceiling insulation) have a minimum thickness of 120mm and be in reasonable condition with no dampness, damage or displacement. The new regulations also specify where insulation exemption applies.


Ventilation must include openable windows in each habitable space. The windows must comprise at least 5% of the floor area of that space. An appropriately sized extraction fan or rangehood must be installed in rooms with a bath or shower or indoor cooktop and be externally ducted.

Moisture ingress and drainage

The standards reinforce existing law that states that landlords must have adequate drainage and guttering.
If a rental property has an enclosed subfloor space, it must have an on-ground moisture barrier, which will stop moisture rising into the home.

Draught Stopping

Any gaps or holes in ceilings, floors, or external walls, windows, and doors that cause unreasonable draughts must be remedied. This includes all unused open fireplaces and chimneys.

Common Questions

When do I need to comply with the Healthy Homes initiative?

All new tenancy agreements with a commencement date after the 1st of July 2021 will need to be compliant with the healthy homes standards. Existing tenancy agreements with a commencement date before 1st of July 2021 will have an expanded compliance schedule which will depend on your tenancy agreement. 

All rental properties will need to be compliant with the Healthy Homes initiative on the 1st of July 2024; This only applies to existing tenancies with an expended compliance schedule.

How can I tell if my property is compliant?

This is where we come in. 
Our job is to make this process as easy as possible for our customers. 
One call to us organises all the assessment and data you need to display in your tenancy agreement. 
If there are any grey areas we will liaise with tenancy services to clarify such issues.

Can't I just do it myself?

Yes you can.

Provided you supply the documentation of all measurements, calculations and results for every subcategory of the legislation.  


Our report does all this for you and we are independent, meaning we do not work for tenancy services or any tradies. 


Why should I use one of your reports?

Our reports are extensive.

We stand by our work. 

We make compliance easy.


We document every stage of our calculations with photos and supporting evidence together with a fully detailed floor plan. 

We use this information to compile a report which gives you a clear outline of where your property stands in respect of the new requirements.  The report also supplies you with any remedials you need to ensure you property achieves compliance. 

If there are any grey areas we liaise with tenancy services directly and document their response.